Top 50 coins at time of writing

[BITCOIN] (browse) – Digital Gold, Store of Value, Grandfather of crypto

[ETHEREUM] (browse) – Smart Contracts

[RIPPLE] (browse) – Connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates

[BITCOIN-CASH] (browse) – Claims to be the bitcoin closest to Satoshi’s vision. Non-Segwit

[LITECOIN] (browse) – Bitcoin but fast and cheap

[DASH] (browse) – Digital Cash

[NEM] (browse) – Smart Asset System

[NEO] (browse) – Smart Contract Platform – Like Ethereum but more languages

[MONERO] (browse) – The only true private coin. No rich list for Monero!

[IOTA] (browse) – tangle architechture instead of a blockchain. No fees!

[BITCONNECT] (browse) – All in one bitcoin and crypto community platform for investment

[ETHEREUM-CLASSIC] (browse) – Bagholders who didn’t like DAo hack being reversed

[OMISEGO] (browse) – SE Asia finance and payments company. Currently uses ERC20 token but are building their own blockchain

[QTUM] (browse) – Smart contract platform. Proof of Stake

[ZCASH] (browse) – Privacy coins with optional privacy (riddle me that).

[LISK] (browse) – Blockchain appliction platform using sidechains.

[TETHER] (browse) – Basically digital USD except not really. Never been auditted to see they actually hold enough $$ to cover the amount of tether

[WAVES] (browse) – Platform for releasing your own crypto

[STRATIS] (browse) – blockchain with multiple applications including identity

[STELLAR] (browse) – Open platform for building financial products

[STEEM] (browse) – Reddit but crypto dollars

[HSHARE] (browse) – Alternative Chinese Digital Cash (possible scam according to reddit)

[BYTECOIN-BCN] (browse) – Another anonymous privacy coin

[ARK] (browse) – Platform for linked blockchains

[EOS] (browse) – Smart contract platform

[ARDOR] (browse) – blockchain-as-a-service platform

[TENX] (browse) – Crypto Credit Card

[AUGUR] (browse) – Crypto Prediction markets

[GAS] (browse) – The currency of NEO ecosystem

[BASIC-ATTENTION-TOKEN] (browse) – Next-gen digital advertising. Made the Brave browser

[KYBER-NETWORK] (browse) – On-chain Exchange & Payment Service

[KOMODO] (browse) – Decentralized ICO platform

[MAIDSAFECOIN] (browse) – Decentralized Internet (data network)

[PIVX] (browse) – Another Privacy coin

[DECRED] (browse) – Credit currency

[WALTON] (browse) – RFID tags on the blockchain, something something China & sweatshop workers. We will probably find out after China FUD

[GOLEM-NETWORK-TOKENS] (browse) – Decentralized computing power

[ICONOMI] (browse) – Digital assets platform

[SALT] (browse) – Secure Automated Lending Technology. Crypto loan sharks

[DIGIXDAO] (browse) – buying gold i think?

[TRON] (browse) – (I don’t really know, their page was in chinese)

[BINANCE-COIN] (browse) – Exchange. Binance token lets users trade with significantly less fees

[FACTOM] (browse) – Storing real-world contracts in the blockchain for data integrity and assurance.

[CHAINLINK] (browse) – Attempting to bridge the gap between blockchain and real-world use cases

[FIRSTCOIN] (browse) – Company startups?

[SIACOIN] (browse) – Decentralized data storage

[GAMECREDITS] (browse) – Buy & Sell Video games

[METAL] (browse) – A currency

[BITSHARES] (browse) – Decentralized exchange

[VERITASEUM] (browse) – Enables software-driven P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges. Google says scam

[GNOSIS-GNO] (browse) – Platform for market prediction tools

[DOGECOIN] (browse) – Meme Magic. Such Alt Coin. Wow

[BITCOINDARK] (browse) – Bitcoin but with some more privacy options like address mixing. Built for DarkWeb?

[CIVIC] (browse) – Identity verification & proctection for business and personal use

[DIGIBYTE] (browse) – Digital currency

[POPULOUS] (browse) – Smart contract invoice factoring platform on the Ethereum blockchain

[0X] (browse) – Open Protocol For Decentralized Exchange On The Ethereum Blockchain

[BYTEBALL] (browse) – Alternative legal system based on the blockchain

[BLOCKNET] (browse) – Decentralized Exchange

[LYKKE] (browse) – Digital Assets Trading App

[SINGULARDTV] (browse) – A Blockchain Entertainment Studio. iTunes/Netflix/Twitch but on blockchain (i think)

[FUNFAIR] (browse) – Vegas in your underpants at your own PC. They have working demos already if you like losing pretend money

[BANCOR] (browse) – Enables trading liquidity between digital assets.

[MCAP] (browse) – Bitcoin Growth Fund

[PURA] (browse) – Another digital currency

[AETERNITY] (browse) – Scalable smart contracts interfacing with real world data.

[MONACO] (browse) – Crypto Credito Card with no exchange fees

[SYSCOIN] (browse) – Decentralized Matket App

[STATUS] (browse) – Mobile Ethereum Operating System – browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralized world.

[BYTOM] (browse) – Asset transfer platform

[VERGE] (browse) – Built for Anonymity and Privacy

[BITDEAL] (browse) – Trading app that acts as middle-man in refering users to retailers offering discounts for using crypto

[VECHAIN] (browse) – Not sure. Webpage in chinese

[CENTRA] (browse) – Crypto card and wallet

[NEXUS] (browse) – Decentralized Currency Project looking to distribute networks fairly worldwide via infrastructure such as cube satellites in space

[NXT] (browse) – Blockchain Application Platform

[KIN] (browse) – A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life (whatever the hell that means lol)

[ARAGON] (browse) – Digital jurisdiction and courts. Wannabe cyber police (nobody tell Jesse Slaughter). Judge Judy and executioner

[MOBILEGO] (browse) – Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store

[REGALCOIN] (browse) – A cryptocurrency. This currency is like the Dollar, but it is only available in the digital world. The concept may sound like Bitcoin, and is actually not (this is as far as i got on their website)

[EDGELESS] (browse) – Experience fully transparent and 0% edge gambling online (Now everyone will know how much money i lose!)

[ADX-NET] (browse) – Decentralized Advertisement Network

[WINGS] (browse) – Dapp Platform

[UBIQ] (browse) – Smart contract and decentralized application platform

[SONM] (browse) – Secure and cost-effective fog supercomputer

[IOCOIN] (browse) – I couldn’t really understand their website. Me Dumb.

[PARTICL] (browse) – Decentralized privacy & ecommerce platform

[LOOPRING] (browse) – Secure Token Exchange Protocol. Decentralized Exchange software

[MELON] (browse) – Asset management on the blockchain

[VERTCOIN] (browse) – Like Litecoin but I don’t really know how different

[NAV-COIN] (browse) – Another privacy coin

[BITQUENCE] (browse) – Stock market-esque hedge fund company

[TAAS] (browse) – Token-As-A-Service (and don’t ask me that means because I have no clue)

[MONACOIN] (browse) – Cryptocurrency based off a Japanese text character, a japanese cat meme

[RLC] (browse) – Blockchain based distributed cloud computing

[GULDEN] (browse) – Webpage loaded in german and the only thing I understood was “WILL ONLY GO UP”.

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