Crypto trading is known for its high volatility, huge swings and untapped potential, but due to the premature nature of the ecosystem it can be hard to  pick out the projects with the most potential. Luckily I’ve done some of the hard work for you. Below you’ll find some snapshot reviews of some projects I think have fantastic potential in the near to long term future, all below the 100th marketcap valuation at the time of writing.


I’ve used a number of criterion to determine which assets/cryptocurrencies have that “hidden gem” potential.

  • Activity / Development – The project must be actively being worked on. An active Github or regular updates is a necessity. The project has a clear roadmap containing both achieved and future goals.
  • Potential – Is there a clear goal or product they are working towards? Is it achievable? Will it have value in the future?
  • Token Value – Many tokens exist without a purpose except venture capital. While not inherently a bad thing, I find projects that make use of their token in the ecosystem have much greater value


Blackmoon (BMC)

Overview – Blackmoon is a investment fund that combines both traditional and crypto funds. They plan on launching 16 fund options ranging from high yield to low risk.

Activity / Development – While their GitHub is relatively untouched, they have successfully completed their ICO in September 2017. With their next roadmap target being their first token fund allocation in January 2018, they seem to have a lot in the works.

Potential – Sharemarkets already play a large role in the financial services industry and Blackmoon might just provide one of the first real-world-adoptions we need to really get crypto off the ground.

Token Value – Token exist as the “share” or participation vehicle for the funds. Because of the mixed nature of the funds, this is one of the few use-cases where using their own token is fully justifiable.

Current marketcap rank – 126

List of exchanges that trade/sell Blackmoon


Agrello (DLT)

Overview – Agrello is platform for creating legally binding smart contracts without needing specific coding or legal skills. It utilizes a template structure for creating and managing contracts.

Activity / Development – No Github but their blog seems quite active. They appear to have just announced their first public project with an Estonian company called Blockhive.

Potential – It isn’t uncommon for most legal contracts to all be quite similar in nature, hence I forsee the template features being quite useful, and the mobile application nature of the technology may assist its real world growth.

Token Value – The Agrello token (called Delta) is the native token used in the ecosystem. It doesn’t seem to have much value besides the transfer of wealth within the ecosystem. The transfer of tokens is used for transaction verification however, giving it some usefulness.

Current marketcap rank – 115

List of exchanges that trade/sell Agrello-Delta


Mysterium (MYST)

Overview – Mysterium is a decentralized VPN platform. It will allow users to rent their unused network traffic and can provide a secure connection for end users.

Activity / Development – Their Github seems to be populated with a number of project builds, all at various stages of deployment. They have finished their token sale and roadmap indicates their product will be rolled out in the near future.

Potential – VPN’s are a niche field but potentially profitable. As their protocol relies on users to use the product (equal numbers of network allocation buyers and sellers), it really needs organic growth to be useful: more users = more end nodes = more anonymity. Whichever platform gets the first-movers advantage and is able to get the most users quickly will likely do well in this field

Token Value – MYST tokens will act as the access token to the VPN network. I’m not entirely convinced this couldn’t have been achieved using any other cryptocurrency but the project does seem promising.

Current marketcap rank – 150

List of exchanges that trade/sell Mysterium


Internet of People (IOP)

Overview – The Internet of People (or the Fermat Project) is a collection of PeerToPeer applications, self described as a global map with verified proof of people’s relationships, open for everyone to use and contribute to. Think of it as a Facebook + Google + LinkedIn + every other database combined, but open for you to use freely and innovate in permission-less way.

Activity / Development – One of the most active and community driven GitHubs I have seen since CoZ started working on the NEO project.

Potential – Huge potential if they can deliver.

Token Value – One of the Peer2Peer networks is a blockchain which exists to incentivize people to run all aspects of the P2P network. Unsure how I feel about this.

Current marketcap rank –

List of exchanges that trade/sell Internet-Of-People


District0x (DNT)

Overview – District0x is a platform for creating governed communities or districts. It utilizes Ethereum smart-contracts and Aragon governance virtual organizations and hierarchies.

Activity / Development – Very active Github and regular weekly developer  announcements.

Potential – This one was a tough one to add because it has previously been in the top 100 and imho unjustifiedly dropped out. Blockchain technology is only in its infancy and products such as district0x will be critical for real world adoption.

Token Value – The DNT token is primarily used to vote on prospective districts, which I find to be quite weak. I do however believe the concept of district0x to be solid.

Current marketcap rank – 132

List of exchanges that trade/sell District0x



Matchpool (GUP)

Overview – Matchpool is a platform for matchmakers to create their own community ‘pool’ and invite members to their pool. End users of our platform will be able to find connections on the app by joining the pools that best cater to their needs. Pool owners are rewarded when they create matches inside of their pool.

Activity / Development – Github is not active however they have a community site which seems very active! They have an Alpha release software which is currently available.

Potential – Lots of use-cases for this type of platform. Any community that wants to facilitate online meetups can benefit from this software.

Token Value – Matchpool addresses the purpose of their tokens in great detail in their whitepaper. GUP was initially used as venture funding but in the future will act as a common measure of value and will be used to setup subscription and paid membership for communities.

Current marketcap rank – 178

List of exchanges that trade/sell Matchpool



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